Anne Griffin
Delicious, charming, and full of joy. I’m sitting in a park eating my gelato I just purchased from Avrilililly’s. First and foremost, this gelato is flavorful and delicious! It is really good. I got this flavor that is vanilla gelato with just the right amount of dark chocolate and sugar cookie mixed in. You can really taste the flavors of each part, while they all work together. Secondly, the shop itself is an experience. Very cute, and looks like it was pulled from someone’s sophisticated yet playful dream of a bakery. I admired the glorious floral detail on the cakes behind the glass while I was deciding what I wanted to try. A whole vibe. Last, but not least, the service was upbeat, sweet, and very helpful. I had questions and they took time to answer them, as well as kindly offer me a delectable sample. Excited to return to this beautiful dessert palace.
Odel Javier
Let me tell you something! This creamery is truly amazing. The Gelato is top notch, the customer service is amazing. I've brought my family here several times, I highly recommend it.
James Ford
Go NOW, before there’s a line out the door. The brand new dessert haven makes its OWN gelato, in 7 flavors, daily. To. Die. For. And the red velvet cake—OMG. Avril Lilily is IN the shop every day. She left Wall St. to pursue her real passion, and thank heaven she did!
Stephanie Garcia
The owner is incredibly talented, charismatic, and just lovely! She let me sample every gelato flavor and I strongly urge you to try the strawberry cake. I am not usually a fan of cake but this cake is just amazing! The rotation of flavors on a daily basis just gives you more reason to come back :)
I already reviewed, but here's another one This is a really great place, the flavors are amazing and I love the desserts. The perfect spot to hang out with friends, I remember I came with my friends from school once and we had a really nice time. The bathroom is lovely, I want to live in the bathroom. But that isn't the point. I really like the design and the whole vibe of the place. I love this place so much, it's amazing!
Javier Calderon
Can't wait to come back! Food: The chocolate chip cookies are delicious. Crispy but chewy. Zucchini pineapple pecan bread was phenomenal. Flavorful, airy, but nice chewness. The highlight for me. Banana Pudding was great. Fresh, more whipped which made it feel like eating a cloud. Banana chocolate chip bread was good. They also offer sorbets, ice cream, and pies. Portion sizes are great as well. Space: Great space to eat your snack, drink coffee, and get some work done. Staff: Really friendly and fun. Highly recommend the spot if you're looking for sweets, coffees/teas, and place to do some work.
Eve G
Service was excellent & everything is made in-house. I sampled the Harlem Sweeties gelato which was light & delightful. It was dulce de leche & coconut, & other ingredients which are inspiring me to go back to try this on top of their homemade cookies. I ordered the carrot cake & it was a bit more dense than I expected but the creamy frosting on it was so delicious! Would be wonderful paired with a latte or cappuccino. Highly recommend supporting this female owned business!